June 2008

published: Tue, 17-Jun-2008   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016

Here are the articles that were published in June 2008.

Julian On Film

From the scary but true department: I've been recording a whole series of videos for DevExpress. Read more...

Orpheus leaves us

Once upon a time there was a tabby cat called Orpheus. His owners loved him like you wouldn't believe or even have thought possible. At 6pm today, more or less, he died. Read more..

PCPlus: Cyclomatic Complexity

When writing code that is not a quick one-off test or experiment, that has some expectation of existing for a while through several releases, we need to consider its quality. The presumption is that higher quality code will be easier to maintain or enhance. But the problem then becomes: how do we measure quality? And, for that matter, what is quality code? Read more...

Life On Mars

Wow. Just wow. I'm blown away with how good Life on Mars has been. I finished the two series (on DVD) a month or so ago, watching the last two episodes in one marathon viewing. I haven't been so enthralled by a TV series in a long time. Read more...