Writing quality software

published: Thu, 19-Jun-2003   |   updated: Sat, 6-Aug-2016
sledding in the snow

Writing quality software is not about having good Quality Assurance people (although they're worth their weight in gold). It's about an agile methodology, good design, an iterative process, unit testing, and daily builds, amongst other things. Oh, and writing the simplest code that will acheive the requirement.


Articles on agile methodologies

I've been writing about agile methodologies and developing quality software for a little while. Here's a list of blog articles I've penned on the subject, available on this web site. (Please note that some are more about implementing a particular algorithm than about an agile methodology, but, nevertheless, each article demonstrates some aspect of agile development.)

essential reading

Over the years, I've read a set of books that have altered the way I think about writing software. They often say the same things in different ways, they sometimes contradict each other, but always they make you think. They spark that sudden realization that perhaps you should be doing things in a different way, a better way. Or, maybe, if I'm lucky, they make congratulate me on getting it right. (More often the former than the latter <g>)

Peruse the list.

Please let me know if there are others I should consider, or that I've picked a bad one but whatsisnames is better.