The Crucible

published: Sat, 13-Jan-2007   |   updated: Wed, 4-Jan-2017

Ezekiel Cheever in The Crucible by Arthur Miller for the Dulwich Players at St. Barnabas Hall, Dulwich Village. Directed by Jan Rae. October 1984.

This is without doubt one of my most favorite Miller plays. I always find it extremely moving and powerful.

To be honest, I don't remember very much about this production at all. In fact, I'd completely forgotten I was even in it, until I was writing up my more recent performance as Parris.

One item of note, I suppose: it was the first time I'd acted with my then wife, although we didn't interact very much on stage.


Betty ParrisAbigail Mynott
Reverend Samuel ParrisJohn Horsler
TitubaDianne Stadhams
Abigail WilliamsJane Alexander
Susanna WallcottCarolyn Leggett
Ann PutnamPat Evans
Thomas PutnamPatrick Spencer
Mercy LewisAlison Bremner
Mary WarrenRenee Hammond
John ProctorPaul Sykes
Rebecca NurseBarbara Scott
Giles CoreyTed Tunna
Reverend John HaleMike Foster
Elizabeth ProctorDominique Bucknall
Ezekiel CheeverJulian Bucknall
Marshall HerrickDavid Marriott
Deputy-Marshall HopkinsDennis Prior
Judge HathorneAnthony Darrell-Brown
Deputy-Governor DanforthBrian Burch