Looking for a new position

published: Thu, 8-Jan-2004   |   updated: Thu, 5-Oct-2017
Wells cathedral

You can find my résumé here.

Of course, the boyet.com web site you're looking at shows off some of my abilities. For example, you can read some of my many published articles here that not only demonstrate my written skills in discussing complex topics, but also some of my coding and design skills in implementing them. My book, still on sale at Amazon (it's part of their Search Inside the Book initiative, so you can read sections online), and reinforces my ability to write, to explain, and to teach.

Talking of coding, not only my articles (and my book) show off some of my work: I also wrote one of the most popular freeware Delphi libraries, EZDSL. It's still only Win32 Delphi compatible, true, but I'm working on the Delphi for .NET version.