June 2007

published: Tue, 19-Jun-2007   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016
Turnstone's open space

Here are the articles that were published in June 2007.

Scamming Friendster

This one I don't get. For a while now I've been collecting all emails sent to unknown email addresses at boyet.com into their own folder on the mail server. Before, I just consigned them automatically to the bit bucket, but for some reason I suddenly got worried that people were sending emails to julian or bucknall or theauthor or whatever @boyet.com. So I turned on the option to collect them all to see. Read more...

It's Not Dell Hell

My little corner wasn't in Dell Hell at all. It was in my own private one caused by an over-zealous spam-blocker. Read more...

My little corner of Dell Hell

If you read back though a few posts, you'll notice that I bought a Dell XPS M1210 notebook. Nice and light, speedy, even though I had problems with Vista on it. Read more...