A summary résumé

published: Wed, 17-Dec-2003   |   updated: Sat, 28-Dec-2019

You can find my complete résumé here, but here is a quick summary of it (un résumé exécutif as it were):

I'm an experienced professional architect and designer, with proven analysis and development experience in a variety of object-oriented languages, like JavaScript, C#, and Delphi. I have wide experience in implementing commercial software and frameworks, but not so much in implementing internal corporate software (IT software, if you will).

Five minutes browsing this site and my blog should show you that I have extensive knowledge of algorithms and data structures and how to apply them for improved speed and resource efficiency, as well as expertise in developing using an agile process (this includes requirements gathering, writing user stories, test-driven development, and implementing smoke and integration tests).

Oh, and I wrote an extremely well-received book on algorithms in Delphi.

A longer perusal should also reveal my written communication skills, but it goes without saying that I have excellent oral communication skills too, with expertise in teaching, presenting, mentoring, and writing for professional publications.

The breadth of coverage of topics on this web site should convince you of my ability to research new technology, algorithms, and development methodologies and to evangelize and promote them.

At the present time, I am Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Developer Express, Inc., with responsibilities that include setting and driving the vision and technology road-map of the company, providing technical oversight, evangelizing the products, increasing revenue through raising the visibility of the company in its markets, and participating in partnership discussions with other corporations and companies.

Previously, I was a Software Architect at Configuresoft, Inc., with responsibility for the middle tier, that is, the business object and data access layers. This position involved much research and design, especially since Configuresoft's main product was not a run-of-the-mill business application. I was also an evangelist for all things C#/.NET within the company: presenting talks on the internals of C#, helping fix design and coding issues with .NET applications and internal layers, and promoting .NET for new projects.

Prior to this, I was a Senior Software Architect at Falafel Software (a consultancy that has now been closed down), designing and writing ASP.NET applications.

Before that I was a Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation in the C# team in the Visual Studio group, and was involved in the design of new IDE functionality for C# developers as part of Visual Studio 2005 (then code-named Whidbey), including the new code refactoring support.

At Aristocrat Technologies, I was Director of Future Systems and I used my expertise in software design to coordinate and develop a multi-tier architecture for a new casino management system. I also researched and instituted new agile development and testing methodologies to help improve the quality of the system from the start, including the use of peer review, unit testing, and code generation tools.

I worked at TurboPower Software for nine years, finally as Director of Programming, and was instrumental in the development of a variety of award-winning developer libraries and tools. I gained extensive knowledge of the issues in designing and implementing a library or a framework during this time.

Prior to moving to Colorado to work for TurboPower, I designed and implemented trading systems for a wide variety of banking and financial institutions in the City of London, mostly for the bond and financial derivatives markets.

I am a graduate from the University of London, Kings College, and was awarded a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Mathematics.