Web site statistics

published: Sat, 17-Jan-2004   |   updated: Thu, 5-Oct-2017

Boy, is this fun! Since the boyet.com domain is mine, I have access to the web logs. I've just been perusing them with WebLog Expert Lite (WEL). I'm looking at January's, up to the 16th.

(Note: I host my web site on TDMWeb, who are well recommended. And, no, I don't get a discount for mentioning them — they're already very inexpensive — nor because I know the owner (he's my editor at The Delphi Magazine) — he's got a business to run. I download the logs about once every week, or whenever I remember.)

Over the past few months, I've noticed that RSS aggregators like SharpReader, NewsGator, and BlogLines are moving up in the league of what WEL calls browsers. It used to be that the majority of browsers hitting my site were Internet Explorer 6.x. Not any more. IE6 managed a paltry 22% in January; still first, but the next 4 entries are for different RSS aggregators, all at about 10%.

Another welcome entry into the 'browser' list is Nick Bradbury's latest oeuvre, FeedDemon, with about 4%. Way to go, Nick! Well done! (Note to self: must try it out. I've purchased his previous two applications, HomeSite and TopStyle. His stuff is always very good.)

Next on the list of interesting info is which pages have been downloaded. 48 people have downloaded my résumé, Cool. I've already had a couple of small leads from this, but I'm still (mostly) unemployed. (Hint, hint.)

Three days ago I posted my blog article on explicit interface implementation in Delphi 8 and — you could knock me down with a fevver here — it's already been downloaded 187 times. Wow! And, get this, I've uploaded the answer to the conundrum about an hour ago, all because one of my readers worked out a possible solution and e-mailed me. And, becasue of that. you all get to know it too.

What next? Looking at the 'Activity by Hour of Day' graph I see that it's pretty level. On average, the same number of people visit at 3 in the morning, as do at 3 in the afternoon. This means, presumably, that I have a world-wise audience (or, conversely, all my readers live in Colorado Springs and never get any sleep). This is brilliant, and means I'll have to watch the idiom in my writing for my non-English-speaking audience.

As for search engines, thers's one waaaay out in front. Google, of course. 90% of visits through a search engine come from Google. Next in line is Yahoo.

Talking of search engines, let's have a look at some of the search phrases that were used to get to boyet.com, at least the ones that are way out there.

  • iso week algorithm (and variants). Very popular this one is, ever since I wrote the definitive article about it.
  • java b-tree filer. Huh? It never was, since it was written in Turbo Pascal, then Delphi.
  • financial division manager cv. Not me, mate. I can't even balance my own checkbook without Microsoft Money.
  • turbopower why closed down (and variants). Won't get it from me.
  • vb node "bubble sort" example. Man, get a grip. Use a real language and a real sort algorithm.
  • written standards rpg programming. Well, operators have to go in column 32.
  • slot machine algorithms. Heh, heh. Insert coin as you press button 2 and 4 simulataneously.
  • delphi's bubble sort algorithms. Oh, you're back. But you still need a real sort algorithm.
  • how do you put your fingers on the keyboard to type. Er, if you have to ask this, how did you use Google to get to my site?

All in all, perusing your web site stats can be a right giggle.