It was 24 months ago today...

published: Fri, 1-Jul-2005   |   updated: Thu, 27-Oct-2005
Helmsley Castle, N. Yorks

...that I started blogging on a regular basis, with some months being more regular than others.

In July 2003 I was in a rather nice rented apartment courtesy of Microsoft in Bellevue, Washington. Every day I'd drive to Redmond (about 20 minutes away in rush hour) via the Starbucks by Larsen Lake on 148th Ave SE.

As it happened the apartment had no broadband, so I was limited to slow dial-up in the evenings. Starbucks, on the other hand, had WiFi via T-Mobile, much faster than the dial-up, so I signed up for an account. Consequently, I'd spend half-an-hour in the mornings catching up on stuff: blogs, web sites, email.

During the month of June I would spend the weekday evenings cooking something for myself and also playing around with CSS and HTML in TopStyle, CityDesk and various looks-and-feel. I had a target date of July 1 to launch my new web site and I met it. Since then the web site has had one change of color, but the format has been the same throughout.

Heh, I've just been panning, zooming and tilting the Bellevue/Redmond area using Google Earth. Ah, it brings it all back. There's the Starbucks, there's the apartment, there's the studio where I lived after the apartment rental ran out, there's the plot of land on Redmond Ridge where we nearly had a house built. And there's Building 41 where I worked. Google Earth is bloody amazing I tell you.