The Delphi Hour

published: Wed, 31-Jan-2007   |   updated: Wed, 31-Jan-2007

This evening I had a bit of a laugh: I was the special guest on The Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges.

It was a complete hoot, more like a conversation between friends than anything else. It helped of course that I knew everyone there: Nick, David I, and John Kaster, and we knew each other from way, way back. I really didn't want to just make it into a sales pitch for Developer Express, and Nick and the guys kept the conversation moving all over the map so it didn't.

And luckily Nick managed to cut off my Skype connection during my most boring bit. Phew! By the time he'd reconnected me, I'd managed to drone to a stop on my own.

Anyway, if you want to listen to it, you can pick up the podcast here.