RSS feed Update

published: Thu, 3-Mar-2005   |   updated: Thu, 27-Oct-2005

Eeek! I apologize to all those people who subscribe to my blog through my RSS feed. You'll have just received this and the last seven entries again.

First thr HTML editor in CityDesk crashed on me. Known problem and those awfully nice people at FogCreek has already fixed it.

Second I finally got round to updating my feed to RSS 2.0 and to simplify the CityDesk template that produces it. It was all a little bit messy to be blunt. Now it produces item descriptions that include HTML markup. This in turn means that my Teaser text (you have to know CityDesk to know what I'm talking about) can serve as my item description, instead of me having to copy the same text elsewhere.

It's true: the cobbler's kids have worn out shoes, or the developer's website becomes a ton of stuff done manually.