The Wild Duck

published: Sat, 20-Aug-2016   |   updated: Sun, 23-Sep-2018

Balle in The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by David Eldridge, for Theatreworks at Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater. Directed by Murray Ross. April/May 2013.

OK, a bit wacky this one. In my job I travel quite a bit for business, which makes it pretty hard to be in a full production with its three weeks of rehearsal and three or four weeks of performance. Since I'm away on average a full week once a month it means I have a minimal window in which to act. Which meant that I did nothing acting-wise for a good couple of years. Then I get this phone call: someone dropped out, please be in The Wild Duck, there's an initial party scene right at the start, you'll be in stage for 10 minutes, tops.

So, of course, I said yes. Just over a week's rehearsal (mostly on stage), three weeks for performances, six per week. I think I had 13 lines in all. Memorized in a flash, rehearsals a piece of cake (be here, move here on this line, etc). The only taxing bit was that the party guests changed the set, moving furniture on and off at the end of that scene.

Party scene in The Wild Duck

It was, I'd have to say, totally unstressful. A joy to be in. During the lengthy Acts II and II (and maybe there was a IV, for all I can remember), I just worked in the dressing room on my laptop until it was time for the company bow. (And that Bernie guy: a plume never had such a great nom.)


PettersenBernie Kluszewski
JensenDonald Paul
Old EkdalSol Chavez
Mrs SorbyAmy Brooks
FlorAndy Sturt
BalleJulian Bucknall
Gregers WerleJon Barker
Hjalmar EkdalPhilip Guerette
Håkon WerleDan Mason
Gina EkdalLija Fisher
HedwigEleanor Sturt
RellingTom Paradise
MolvikSteve Wallace