A Voyage Round My Father

published: Sun, 1-Oct-2006   |   updated: Wed, 4-Jan-2017

The Son in A Voyage 'Round My Father by John Mortimer for the Dulwich Players at St. Barnabas Hall, Dulwich Village. Directed by Janet Rae. October 1986.

A huge role this one. Huge. Mind boggling. Part narration, part acting: the story of John Mortimer and his relationship with his blind and brilliant father. (The TV version had Laurence Olivier as the father.) Funny, poignant, sad; all of these and more.

I can remember two main things about this production: standing in front of the audience, the only person on stage, spotlit, telling the audience a story about my character's early life, a couple of pages worth; and completing a narrative segue into a subsequent scene, turning around, only to find that the actress who was supposed to be there wasn't.


FatherWilfrid Taylor
SonJulian Bucknall
MotherPat Evans
ElizabethJane Alexander
Son, as a boyEdward Russling
VisitorAnne Ralfe
IrisSarah Alexander
Ringer LeanPaul Sykes
ReigateBen Lovick
HeadmasterPatrick Spencer
HamGraham Roper
JaphetPaul Sykes
MatronDenise Biffin
Mrs ReigateAnne Ralfe
Mr ReigatePaul Sykes
Miss CoxCaroline Stewart
Miss BakerFrances Rowe
AnnouncerPatrick Spencer
BousteadGraham Roper
Mr ThongPaul Sykes
JudgePatrick Spencer
DorisCaroline Stewart
SparksPaul Sykes
DirectorGraham Roper
First ATSSuzie Ann Farren
Second ATSDenise Biffin
GeorgePatrick Spencer
Social WorkerFrances Rowe
Mr MorrowPaul Sykes
WitnessAnne Ralfe
ChildrenEdward Russling
Ben Lovick
Sarah Alexander
Doctor EllisGraham Roper