Lark Rise

published: Sun, 1-Oct-2006   |   updated: Wed, 4-Jan-2017

Albert Timms in Lark Rise by Keith Dewhurst for the Dulwich Players at St. Barnabas Church, Dulwich Village. Directed by Jill Alexander. October 1985.

Two things stand out for me about this production: we did it in St Barnabas Church as a kind of Harvest Festival kind of thing, and we did it in the round. Other than that, I can't remember too much about it. It was quite fun to do, especially as my wife was in it too, playing my wife.

The sad thing was the church burned down a few years later in 1992, a deliberate case of arson. There was essentially nothing left of it and of where we acted.


Old Price, Dick, GrandfatherTed Tunna
Boamer, CheapjackPaul Sykes
Mrs Peverill, Queenie MaceyWillowdean Routledge
LauraJane Scott
Mr. Morris, Landlord, DoctorJohn Horsler
Stut, Twister, A1gyPatrick Spencer
Old David, Major Sharman, Rector, SquireBrian Burch
Fisher, John Price, CarrierChris Gittins
Albert TimmsJulian Bucknall
EdmundStephen Ball
Martha BeamishJane Alexander
Emma TimmsDominique Bucknall
PumpkinMike Foster
Bishie, Postie, Jerry ParishStephen Dell
Mrs. Spicer. Mrs. MillerSue Stevenson
TrampDennis Prior
Polly, Mrs BeamishCaroline Stewart
Garibaldi Jacket, Mrs BlabyDenise Biffin
Old SallyRuth Franklin
Mrs AndrewsAnne Ralfe