The Hypochondriac

published: Sun, 1-Oct-2006   |   updated: Tue, 21-Aug-2018

Cleante and Sganarelle in The Hypochondriac by Moliere, translated by Alan Drury, for the Dulwich Players at St. Barnabas Hall, Dulwich Village. Directed by Ruth Franklin. January 1992.

The Hypochondriac: Julian Bucknall and Abigail Topley
Oops, found out... (with Abigail)

I really can't remember much about this production fifteen years later, apart from the play within a play in the middle, where I got to sing a love ballad to my love on a balcony. My love was Jenny Gammon, to whom I found it very easy to sing a love ballad, and I got some thunderous applause after it, to boot, despite the fact I hate singing and really can't do it very well.

I do seem to remember we played it all very over the top, melodramatic, going for the laughs. Looking at the photo now, I wonder how the curls over my forehead were stuck down. But a great costume, I must say.


ArganWilfrid Taylor
Beline, his wifeJenny Gammon
Angelique, his daughterMaria Whitehouse
Louison, his younger daughterHelen Thomas
Beralde, his brotherPatrick Spencer
CleanteJulian Bucknall
Diafoirus SeniorJohn Horsler
Thomas DiafoirusSimon Humphries
M. PurgonFrank Ralfe
M. FleurantKevin Edwards
NotaryRichard Lynn
ToinetteAbigail Topley
ShepherdessGina Sergione
Second Interlude Players:
  Master of CeremoniesSimon Humphries
  LucilleGina Sergione
  ValèreKevin Edwards
  SabineJenny Gammon
  SganarelleJulian Bucknall
  GorgibusFrank Ralfe
  Gros-RenéJohn Horsler