Crazy For You

published: Sat, 27-Aug-2016   |   updated: Sun, 23-Sep-2018

Eugene Fodor in Crazy For You, book by Ken Ludwig, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, music by George Gershwin, for the Fine Arts Center Theatre Company. Directed by Tim Muldrew. May 2010.

By 2010, I hadn’t been in any show for well over a year. My problem was not stage fright or lack of parts for overweight elderly Brits, but work. I travelled regularly on business (and I still do) to conferences and the like, and it’s hard to be in a production that rehearses (in general) for three weeks and that has performances for a further three weeks. Doable, but the planets have to align a bit.

Let’s see if I can guess why I got offered the role of Eugene Fodor: he doesn’t sing (except in the ensembles) and he’s British. Both traits match me to a T. The planets had aligned work-wise, I got the part and allowed to have fairly minimal rehearsals. I think I got away with less than two weeks’ worth, which considering that I was in one big ensemble dance and song number (Stiff Upper Lip) was brave on Tim’s part.

So, Eugene is a British tourist (fictionalized from the Fodor who wrote the tourist guides) who turns up in this Nevada mining town just as a whole bunch of stuff is going on with regard to the local theatre. As it happens I remember zip about the plot but it involves two women both in love with the same man. And some Follies girls and cowboys. Or something. Yep, it’s hazy, but then again, mine was a minor role.

The two female stars were Amy Sue Hardy and Miriam Roth Ballard, and Eugene’s wife was played by Amy Brooks, actors I love dearly and who are able put me firmly in my place because of their sheer talent. So, that, plus a not-too-onerous role meant I enjoyed myself pretty well.



Bobby ChildMichael E Gold
Polly BakerAmy Sue Hardy
Bela ZanglerMatt Newton
Lank HawkinsJesse Iacovetto
Irene RothMiriam Roth Ballard
Everett BakerMilt Sommers
Lottie 'Mother' ChildSandra Womochil Bray
PatriciaAmy Brooks
EugeneJulian M Bucknall

The Cowboys:

MingoSammy Gleason
MooseJeremy Holtrop
SamMarco Robinson
BillyColin Gregory
WyattBrian McClure
JuniorRyan Miller
CustusSkip Cochrane
PeteJustin Colvin
JimmySam Teets
HarryThomas Voss

The Zangler Girls:

TessEricka Gasper
PatsyHannah Palmer
MitziVania Falen
ElaineMary Ripper Baker
LouiseAnita Lane
SusieTracy Hedding
BetsyFelicia Black
MargieHalee Towne