The Beaux Stratagem

published: Sun, 1-Oct-2006   |   updated: Tue, 21-Aug-2018

Aimwell in The Beaux Stratagem by George Farquhar for the Dulwich Players at St. Barnabas Hall, Dulwich Village. Directed by Ruth Franklin. April 1988.

The Beaux Stratagem: Julian Bucknall
Listening intently...

Joyous fun, lots of derring-do: that's restoration comedies. I played one of the young dashing heroes, Aimwell, with a friend Ian (pretty much the same height and build as me) playing Archer, the other dashing young hero. (Note the references to Cupid and love in their names.) I mean to say, just look at that photo: it just screams dashing and young and heroic. What happened? <g>

Anyway, we had wigs, we had restoration costumes, we had ladies with deep cleavages, we had a sword fight with the baddies. What more could you ask for as an actor?


PrologueWillowdean Routledge
ArcherIan Rutter
AimwellJulian Bucknall
BonifaceWilfrid Taylor
CherryAlison Miles
Mrs SullenJenny Gammon
DorindaAbigail Topley
ScrubJim Clarke
SullenNick Boulton
GibbetMichael Foster
FoigardFrank Ralfe
Lady BountifulJill Alexander
Country WomanAnne Ralfe
GypsyJane Alexander
Count BellairTed Tunna
BagshotWill Dean
TapsterJeffrey Robbins