Minor visual tweaks and a new series

published: Sun, 20-Jul-2003   |   updated: Thu, 27-Oct-2005

I've started writing a set of articles on C# and .NET for Falafel Software. The first is a chat about how to design and write simple parsers in C#. To keep it simple, I used the example of reading comma-separated values (CSV) files You can read it from my new column here.

This is just the first of a whole series of articles on writing parsers. We'll see where we end up, but I have in mind some parsers that will read HTML, XML and C# code, as well as writing a fast, simple regex parser. Stay tuned: I'll announce them here.

To celebrate having nothing to do for a couple of hours, I tweaked the CSS file for the site. I was playing around with the horizontal navigation bar at the top of every page, and unfortunately had to change its contents (rather than just its look). This means that every page on the site has changed. Luckily I use CityDesk: I made a simple change to each of two templates and then republished the whole site.