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published: Tue, 1-Mar-2005   |   updated: Mon, 16-May-2005

Here is a list of my February editorials on CodeFez.

Comments, please (04-Feb-2005). There was a throwaway line in Nick's latest post about the effort of writing good documentation for software: "we developers don't even like to comment our code". This got me thinking a little.

Readability Matters: It's Not The Language (14-Feb-2005). Nick Hodges wrote an article last week on why he prefers to write in Delphi. It seems it all boils down to "it's more readable". I would beg to differ. In my opinion, it's rarely the language that makes your code more or less readable, it's the way you design the code and how you write it.

Where does testing fit in a multi-tier application? (17-Feb-2005). I'm sure you are fairly familiar with multi-tier application concepts, especially layered architectures. How do test frameworks fit in to that schema?

Design, what design? (23-Feb-2005). Design documents, all too often, will diverge from the code that implements them, at which point they are worthless. I would venture to suggest that they're pretty worthless to begin with and should be replaced by a simpler list of requirements.