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published: Mon, 31-Jan-2005   |   updated: Mon, 16-May-2005

Here is a list of my January editorials on CodeFez.

Yes, yes, my op-ed pieces are supposed to come out every Thursday, but for some reason I missed one in January. So, for a four-Thursday month, I only wrote three (and two of those didn't come out on a Thursday). Memo to self: get with the program!

Ever notice that CPU speed has stalled? (12-Jan-2005). There's a dirty little secret in the PC hardware world. It is ignored in polite circles, but I'm not going to be polite, I'm going to drag this bugaboo out in the open for all to see: the speed of CPUs seems to have stalled at the 3GHz mark.

Technical debts (20-Jan-2005). Lost in the heat of an engaging programming assignment, sweet temptation can seduce us into coding a quick and dirty hack rather than crafting a more elegant solution. This article suggests, first by analogy, and then in more concrete terms, the possibility that sometimes it might be best to succumb to the allure of the hack.

Whither Delphi? (pun intended) (28-Jan-2005). I was reading Nick Hodges' article last week on how to sell Delphi, when it struck me: Nick's making a big assumption. Should the Delphi that is sold in this manner be the Delphi sold currently? Or, even, should there be a Delphi to sell?