published: Mon, 27-Aug-2007   |   updated: Mon, 27-Aug-2007

Here's the reason I've not updated this blog in a while. Although I wasn't interviewed for this podcast (I ran away), there are a couple of sightings of Yours Truly with a beard, hat, and dyed hair. Be warned.

For those who are not intimate with the play and can't recognize my character from the lines I'm saying, I'm playing Polonius, Chief Assistant to the State of Denmark and father of Ophelia. At least until September 2, I am anyway. I'll certainly be sad to see both Khris and Kaitlyn go back to New York.

Pretty much every evening for the past 10 weeks has been rehearing this play, rehearsing Antonio's Revenge by John Marston (we're doing a "double-header", two plays in rep), or performing both of them. I haven't had time to mow the lawn, let alone update this blog. Once it's over, I'll shave the beard off, get my hair cut, crash for a while, and then start writing blog entries again.