Google Number

published: Wed, 3-Dec-2003   |   updated: Thu, 27-Oct-2005
Wells cathedral

A bit of fun, this one. I recently learned from Bertrand Delacretaz's blog about a new measure of your personal success: your Google Number.

In essence, you search for your name (I know, I know, vanity rules, but I bet you've done it yourself) using Google. So, for me, since my name sometimes has the middle initial and sometimes not, I searched for "Julian Bucknall" OR "Julian M Bucknall" OR "Julian M. Bucknall". Note that you must use the double quotes to specify your name exactly, otherwise you'll get false positives from other people with the same surname. Also if you have a name like John Smith, fuhgeddit.

Just now, I got a result of about 956. So my Google Number at the moment is just-less-than 1000. Yesss!