Delphi Programming On Lulu

published: Tue, 2-Oct-2007   |   updated: Tue, 2-Oct-2007
Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms and Data Structures

Almost let this one go by without commenting on it. Dr Bob (a.k.a. Bob Swart) has set up a Delphi Programming group on Lulu which lists all the Delphi books available there.

At the moment, it's my one book versus Dr Bob's seven (seven!), but hopefully Marco Cantù will list his latest there soon to redress the balance.

Phew. There's no way I could ever compete with Dr Bob's output on my own...

Aside: I also like the way the prices on second-hand copies of the previous edition of my book on Amazon have come way down too.

Even later aside: I've got some changes to make to the book for both RAD Studio 2007 and some new material. Watch out for the Third Edition!