published: Mon, 8-Nov-2004   |   updated: Thu, 27-Oct-2005

If you think things seem a little thin around here, there's only so much of me to go round. (My wife would probably say, justifiably, that there's too much of me to go round: I should diet and exercise more...) Anyway, starting last Saturday, 6 November, CodeFez opened its doors.

CodeFez is the latest idea from Lino Tadros and Steve Teixeira: a developer community website tied to no vendor or language. There are opinion pieces, technical articles vetted for accuracy and depth, blogs, chat rooms, forums, and so on. We'll be talking about and featuring Delphi, C#, VB, Java, etc. We'll be platform-agnostic where possible. We'll be discussing methodologies, patterns, algorithms, whatever.

I'm one of the Founding Editors. Which means I get to vet articles, and write my own opinion pieces (editorials, we call them) as well as technical articles as well as the occasional blog post. When we were mapping out the way that CodeFez would work, we came up with the suggestion that each Editor would post an editorial at least once per week, and that each would write and publish a technical article at least once per month.

Well, I snagged Thursdays for my op-ed piece, and the fourth Monday of every month for a tech article. I'm calling my editorials "Thursday Thoughts from Julian" and the first is up there now on Tablet PCs. The second one will go up this Wednesday evening. As for my tech articles, the first one is there on the big-Oh notation. The next one: I don't know yet. Stay tuned. If you go to my home page at CodeFez, you'll be able to get to all my CodeFez stuff, including my new blog, which I'm calling Julian's Ligatures.

Does this mean that I'm no longer going to be writing here or for The Delphi Magazine? No way, Jose. is still my website, one that I control exclusively. Certainly my blogging activities will switch to CodeFez, but there's still articles I can post here, and there's still lots of stuff I can write for The Delphi Magazine. I'll see you in all three places.