published: Tue, 15-Feb-2005   |   updated: Thu, 27-Oct-2005
Eurydice, number two cat

I've had some good times working with Lino Tadros and the team at Falafel, but in the end I came to the conclusion that I didn't particularly enjoy consulting type work. My bag is in designing and writing retail or business software products, software that will be used by many people and which would require maintaining, updating, and enhancing way into the future. I like working on version 2s of stuff!

Lino has been extremely good to me and I'd like to thank him personally. He's a great boss to have and we part the best of friends. Also working with such luminaries as Steve Teixeira and Charlie Calvert has been amazing; I hope that just a little of their glamor has rubbed off on me.

Within the next week or so, I will be starting as a Software Architect for Configuresoft here in Colorado Springs. To be honest I'm not quire sure what I'll be doing to begin with (I had interviews with various managers there), but the work will be designing software and implementing it using an agile methodology (such as TDD) in C# and using the .NET Framework.

Configuresoft are doing some amazing things in the field of enterprise configuration management (monitoring and touching PCs on a network) and I'm excited to be joining them at this stage of their growth and development.

They've also been kind enough to allow me to continue blogging and writing articles, so don't worry: I'll still be writing both here and on CodeFez. I dare say that some of the stuff I'll be working on will be very commercially sensitive — so you won't be hearing about that, heh — but you will be hearing about some more general development methodologies and coding techniques that I discover as part of doing my job. Stay tuned.