Book source code uploaded

published: Fri, 1-Oct-2004   |   updated: Sun, 23-Jul-2006

It seems that the translators of my book have been playing fast and loose. I got the following email from a Ukrainian reader using the Russian translation of my book:

In the russian translation of your very interesting and useful book (by DiaSoft, in almost every chapter one can read the following: "you can download the source code of the examples of this chapter from".

Well, no you can't. The US version of my book had a CD stuck in the back, and the text in that book states that you can get the source code from the CD-ROM. The translator obviously decided to convert that as "download from" without actually warning me first: "Hey, Julian, we don't want to put a CD in our version of your book, so could you help out your new Russian readers by having the source as a download." I have no idea what the other translators have done either (I know that my book is available in Chinese and Portuguese, but I don't know if they have a CD or not).

I have some good news, though. When I wrote the book, I negotiated to keep the copyright to the source code. It's mine to use as I want. So, ladies and gentlemen, especially those in Russian-speaking countries, you can download the source code for the book here. (It's the current fully-updated version too.) Enjoy.