Blogging at the Fine Arts Center

published: Tue, 20-Nov-2007   |   updated: Tue, 20-Nov-2007
Christmas Carol logo

Yet again, heh, I've been cast and am acting in a show. This time it's a musical version of A Christmas Carol (no, not Scrooge!) and it's at the Fine Arts Center (FAC) here in town. Apart from taking on a couple of minor roles and being part of the Ensemble, I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present.

As part of the marketing of the show, the interviews from the papers, the radio, and the TV, Charlie Snyder, the PR Director at the FAC, wanted to do a blog of the show. Yep, you're right, I couldn't resist yet another outlet for my writing energies — I really must learn how to friggin' type properly — and so I'm writing a daily post on the FAC website as we work our way through the rehearsal process towards performance.

Wow, setting a daily writing schedule. Whatever next? Of course, it's happening right at the same time I'm writing a long series on how to use our new eXpressApp Framework (XAF) on the Developer Express ctodx blog. And this weekend I have to write another article for PCPlus. And I owe my readers here a couple more articles on iTunes programming.