Posts on design patterns

published: Mon, 8-Aug-2005   |   updated: Sat, 6-Aug-2016

Here are the articles I've written regarding algorithms and data structures.

Using the Singleton pattern (part 1)

Whenever a couple of developers have a chat about Design Patterns next to the water cooler, the conversation is almost guaranteed to turn to the Singleton pattern. In fact, when two Delphi developers discuss Singleton, it's like they are talking about two different languages since Delphi can't do the basic trick of making a Singleton work. But no matter which language the developers use, they'll always talk about the implementation of it. Never, it seems, do they take a step back and wonder if Singleton is a "good" pattern to use. Read more...

Some thoughts on TDD and the Strategy pattern

At one of the Birds of a Feather sessions at Tech*Ed, someone said something to the effect that you aren't doing TDD until you understand the Strategy pattern. That was both fascinating and coincidental since I was only recently contemplating the use of the Strategy Pattern (or the Policy pattern as it's sometimes known) in some OO design work. Read more...