September 2005

published: Mon, 24-Oct-2005   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016
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Here are the articles that were published in September 2005.

Elegance in programming

Over the next couple of weeks, a small team of us will be going through a subsystem in our product to clean it up and to harden it against exceptional situations. It currently works, but when something goes wrong, it can fail in mysterious ways. We're also going to take the opportunity to do some much-needed profiling for speed and memory. The original subsystem was written in C# back in the day when the company hadn't much experience in all things .NET and I'm afraid it shows. Read more...

Delphi or C#?

I've been asked this kind of question before: "I have a Win32 application written in Delphi. I now need to move it to .NET. Should I try and use Delphi for .NET? Or should I rewrite it in C#?" I got such a question this morning from one of my Norwegian readers. I generally tell them the same thing, there's no clear answer, but embellish it according to the amount of time I have at that moment. (Updated: 23-Sep-2005) Read more...