June 2006

published: Thu, 6-Jul-2006   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016
Turnstone's open space

Here are the articles that were published in June 2006.

Replying to blog post discussing Procedural Thinking

I was browsing through my website logs this evening and noticed that I'd had a bunch of hits from a blog at http://linamishima.livejournal.com all hitting this article of mine on procedural programming. In it, Michelle, the owner of the blog, was pondering that my article was over-reaching because, in the end, all OOP code gets compiled and executed on a "procedural" execution machine, be it machine code on a real CPU or some kind of interpreter. Read more...

Review of two Design Patterns books

I've just finished a couple of Design Pattern-related books, both of which are good in their respective and very different ways. The first is Holub on Patterns by Allen Holub, and the second Head First Design Patterns by Eric & Elisabeth Freeman. Read more...

Nokia 6682 multimedia phone

A couple of weeks ago I was at TechEd in Boston, as part of the Developer Express team there. We had a great conference, showing off our products to great acclaim, etc, but speaking personally it sucked: I lost my Nokia cell phone on the Monday (it was in my pocket when we left the hotel in the taxi, but must have slipped out during the ride). After trying to call it pretty much continually for a good couple of hours, hoping someone would hear it ringing, I gave up and suspended the service (I'd activated international dialling on it for starters: didn't want that to get in the hands of some nefarious phone fence). Last Saturday, I went to buy myself a replacement, a Nokia 6682. Wow, what a lovely phone. Read more...