January 2006

published: Wed, 18-Jan-2006   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016
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Here are the articles that were published in January 2006.

Procedural Thinking

Borland have released the latest version of Delphi, known as Delphi 2006. Unlike the two previous releases (Delphi 8—the first .NET version—and Delphi 2005), the news on the street indicate that this one is very good and it has been extremely well received. Like Delphi 2005, it covers 32-bit Windows development as well as .NET development, but unlike Delphi 2005, it's very stable. All kudos must go to Danny Thorpe (who's now moved to Google) and Allen Bauer (who's now Chief Scientist at Borland) as well as the rest of the Delphi and VCL team on such a good product. Read more...

Cry Me A River

A couple of Sundays ago I was in this Starbucks in the mountains, ordering a latte. Behind me in the queue were these two couples, early forties maybe. While I waited to be served, I couldn't avoid overhearing some of their conversation. One of the wives was looking at the mugs for sale and decided she wanted one, possibly as a memento of their visit here. Her husband laughed at her and said no way. She protested, to which he replied "Cry me a river". (Updated: 19-Jan-2006) Read more...