December 2006

published: Tue, 5-Dec-2006   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016
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Here are the articles that were published in December 2006.

Triangular Matrix

Every time I have to do this, I forget and have to look it up again. The last time, I thought I'd remembered how to do it and then wasted the next 10 minutes because I'd actually remembered it the wrong way round (well, I was tired, and an article had to be finished). The "this" I'm talking about? Implementing triangular matrices. Read more...

A little linked list trick

Let's have a little bit of fun today and talk about a minor yet elegant algorithmic change to a singly-linked list to make it a teensy bit more functional, and in doing so talk a bit about generics. This is certainly not earth-shattering stuff, but merely an enjoyable diversion from the horrors of your daily development. I'll be using C# 2.0 to implement this algorithmic amuse-bouche, so fire up your Visual Studios. Read more...