August 2008

published: Mon, 11-Aug-2008   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016
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Here are the articles that were published in August 2008.

Pandora is costing me a pretty penny

Pandora is an internet radio station with a difference. First of all it's free (which seems to negate my blog title). Second it creates a playlist at run-time based on the music you like. Read more...

Porting to Tiburón, part 1

We're slowly getting released from at least part of our NDA with Embarcadero so that we can talk a little about Delphi 2009, codename Tiburón. Read more...

Final Notice!

Today I wrote about education being a primary source for better security (Security is broken when you leave it to end-users) over on my blog at DevExpress. To flesh out my argument a little more, here's a postcard I received just recently. Read more...