April 2006

published: Tue, 11-Apr-2006   |   updated: Fri, 5-Aug-2016

Here are the articles that were published in April 2006.

Good design skills implies better refactoring

I was pondering this over the weekend. Is refactoring always good? W ith the support for refactoring in C# in Visual Studio 2005 and also Refactor! Pro from those awfully nice people at Developer Express, you'd think life is good. We can refactor all we like, all the time. Read more...

Software Transactional Memory

I happened to be browsing through the Microsoft Research site last night, when I came across a project that I'd read about some months back, filed it as "interesting, must come back and read some more", but filed it in short term memory instead of in OneNote, and promptly forgot about it. (Updated: Wed 12-Apr-2006) Read more...

New Developer Express Blog

After a couple of weeks of setup and testing, Developer Express has published its new community website, complete with blogs. And, as I promised, in addition to blogging here I'm now blogging over there. What I'll do is to post links here to the more general posts I make over there. Here's the first: a discussion on whether we should testing code that's too simple to break.